Conference submissions

Papers, panel proposals and abstracts are to be submitted by clicking here: SUBMISSIONS  This is the only format through which papers and panel proposals will be accepted. Please do not email papers or abstracts directly to the conference organisers or Stream Chairs.

The submission portal form will ask you for the following information:

  1. Author details
  2. Contact details
  3. Title of paper
  4. Whether the paper is a full paper, abstract, or panel proposal
  5. Conference stream/theme to which it is being submitted
  6. Whether you are a student.

You may submit a full paper (<6000 words), an abstract (<500 words) or a panel proposal, but only make two submissions in total, including you participation in panels. All submissions are due on the same date, February 26 2018, and all will be initially reviewed by stream coordinators in consultation with the conference team.

Full papers

Full papers (maximum of 6000 words) will go through a further step of double-blind peer review. Only full papers will be eligible for inclusion in the ANZCA 2018 Conference Proceedings. Full papers may also be invited to be included in special issues of journals associated with the conference.

Please note that acceptance for the conference proceedings will be decided in June on the basis of successful completion of revisions. Those reviews will be sent out before the earlybird deadline of 8 May, with revised papers due on 8 June. Any papers rejected for the Proceedings after review may, at the organisers’ discretion, be presented as oral-only papers.

Oral-only papers

Papers can also be submitted in abstract-only form. These submissions will be quality assured but not peer-reviewed. They will not be included in the conference proceedings. There will be no need to submit a full paper if you choose this option. Abstracts should be maximum 500 words in length.

Panel proposals

The organisers encourage panel proposals. These will be quality-assured by the organisers in consultation with stream coordinators. A panel should ordinarily comprise three speakers whose research has strong thematic or methodological link or interaction. The proposal should include:

  1. Panel title
  2. An overall abstract (250-500 words) justifying the panel as a whole
  3. A separate abstract (250-500 words) for each proposed paper
  4. Brief biographies of each presenter (up to 100 words).

Key dates

Papers submitted: 26 February 2018
Referee reports returned to authors:  April 6, 2018
Final (revised) papers for publication due: June 8, 2018


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